Your life - our focus

We are patients who create a community that help patients take responsibility and to be active in their own situation as the person with physical, psychological, or mental illness.

Patient in Focus offers you the opportunity to make a difference for yourself and others in being an advocate for all patients when working with the healthcare professionals, researchers, and academics. 

“Master you own life – Contribute to others”

We offer this through patient engagement, counseling, and a strong patient community, where we can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions for the chronically ill and disabled, as well as maintain a form of active involvement in society and thereby enhance the quality of life.

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Let's stand together in making a difference for patients' mouthpiece to health professionals, researchers and academics.

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Your life is our focus and core of the association

We hope and believe that together we are stronger, and by helping each other, a chronic disorder or a disability will not become an obstacle.

Chronic illness can result in problems making everyday life stick together. Many are forced to reduce or end their efforts in the labor market, and as the quality of life, the joy of life and motivation are weakened, isolation, anxiety and depression ensue. It is a much bigger problem than is being talked about and it a natural consequence of chronic disease.

This is what Patient in Focus wants to prevent.


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Small / lopsided / large donations are always welcome and know that these funds help to optimize patient support and patient engagement. 


Are you a patient, relative, patient representative or interested in patient improvement, you can easily become a member of Patient in Focus.  

Anyone can join. Big and small – from elementary school students to retirees.


Join the conversation with us in the club “Patient in focus” on the Clubhouse app. Where we discuss everything patient related. How do we best help patients (and relatives) so that the quality of life and joy of life is the best it can be?
Follow the talks at Clubhouse.

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