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We are patients who create a community that help patients take responsibility and to be active in their own situation as the person with physical, psychological, or mental illness.

Who are we?

Patient in Focus offers you the opportunity to make a difference for yourself and others in being an advocate for all patients when working with the healthcare professionals, researchers, and academics. 

“Master you own life –
Contribute to others”

We offer this through patient engagement, counseling, and a strong patient community, where we can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions for the chronically ill and disabled, as well as maintain a form of active involvement in society and thereby enhance the quality of life.

Meet Charlotte Secher who has written an award winning essay about taking control of one’s illness.

About us, patient to patient and relatives with the goal that no one should be left alone in life with a chronic illness, pain or disability.
We are the bridge between you as a patient and the professional. Get the opportunities to make a big difference for you and other patients.

In our knowledge library as a member, you can, among other things, listen to Patient to Patient story, as in this video interview.

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SUPPORT us with a donation – small / lopsided / large donations are always welcome and know that these funds help to optimize patient support and patient engagement. 


Join the conversation with us in the club “Patient in focus” on the Clubhouse app. Where we discuss everything patient related.

How do we best help patients (and relatives) so that the quality of life and joy of life is the best it can be?

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