We are patients and we understand you!

Patient in Focus has been founded by and is driven by Lisbeth and Charlotte, whom are both chronically ill and wish to create a community, that help patients be accountable and become actively involved in their own care.

Patient in Focus is a non-profit disease-neutral patient association for those with chronic illness, pain, and disability.

Your life is our focus

We hope and believe that together we are stronger, and by helping each other, a chronic disorder or a disability will not become an obstacle. We aim to improve patients’ and relatives’ quality of life through understanding, involvement, help for self-help, education, and community.

Your life is our focus and core of the association

Patient in Focus collaborates with patients, relatives, patient communities and industry professionals regarding patient understanding, involvement/engagement and education to create a better quality of life, joy, and purpose for all patients while navigating the (new) living conditions that arise from receiving a diagnosis.

It is of the utmost importance that people with chronic ailments, pain and/or disabilities be part of an inclusive community, where they can gain knowledge and contribute with their own unique experiences that will help everyone live the best possible life. We collaborate with other patient organizations and differentiate ourselves by focusing on finding happiness, well-being, and a purpose in life with illness and disability, rather than only focusing on the health professional aspects of the diagnosis. We improve conditions for patients through knowledge, tools, and courses, so that patients can find their way back to the good life, despite illness.

In addition, we help other patients by, among other things, assisting with patient engagement and research and thereby giving the professional world the knowledge, they lack.

This is what Patient in Focus wants to prevent, worldwide.

Meet Charlotta

CEO and Co-Founders

Head of Partnerships and Recruitment

We believe that being able to create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions people with a chronic illness, pain, and disability face, will help maintain a form of active involvement in society and thereby enhance the joy and quality of life.

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Meet Lisbeth

COOChairwoman and Co-Founders

Head of Human Resources & Partners,  IT & Communication

We work with patients, relatives, patient communities and healthcare professionals regarding patient understanding, involvement and education, to create a better quality of life, happiness and purpose for all patients while navigatingtheir (new normal) living conditions.

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Chronic illness can result in problems making everyday life stick together. Many are forced to reduce or end their efforts in the labor market, and as the quality of life, the joy of life and motivation are weakened, isolation, anxiety and depression ensue. It is a much bigger problem than is being talked about and it a natural consequence of chronic disease.

Mailpoit engagement

Meet our Board of Directors

Patient in Focus’ board of directors is a decision-making board.

The board consists of up to 8 people who live with a chronic disease, or are relatives, and thereby understand what is needed to improve conditions, as well as create a community that supports patients taking responsibility and being active in their own situation .

All on the board work pro bono.

The board members are composed carefully on the basis of skills and qualifications that can lift Patient in Focus’ mission and vision, while we have a member elected every 3 years at the general meeting.