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Patient support is cooperation between patient/caregivers and the healthcare professionals regarding patient understading, involvement, education, and community to create a better quality of life, happiness and purpose for all patient under their (new normal) living conditions.  

Patient engagement can prevent a bad direction and outcome of, among other things, a product, the research processes, or health initiatives. We are working hard to help the health professionals understand how the good advice from patient’s can be translated into concrete behavior that reduce the risk of deterioration of life.

Research is important. That is why we work with researchers every day to ensure that the treatments are made gentler and that more patients have a good life on the other side of a diagnosis. We know that research often saves lives.

Patient engagement is an art, and there is a big difference between whether patients are engaged or simply included. We possess the knowledge that is needed so that the healthcare professionals can get what they really need out of the patient engagement activity.

We improve conditions for patients via knowledge, tools, and courses. This allows patients to find the common thread and their way back to the good life, despite illness.

In addition, we help other patients by assisting with patient engagement, research, etc. and thereby provide the professionals with the knowledge they lack, and we do this in places where patients mostly do not have access.


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