Here, as a patient, caregivers and relative, can you find what's about you, your life and your focus. 

We offer you workshops, patient courses, tools and knowledge sharing.

Your life - Our focus

We are patient experts who create a society that supports patients in becoming proactive in their own situation and takes responsibility so that they can live a good life despite chronic illness and disability. 

You are the expert on a subject that no one can read or study for.

We create a society that provides you with a physical, mental or mental disability can provide knowledge sharing and tools for the purpose of enhancing quality of life.

We are patients and understand you! We hope and believe that that together we are stronger and with common help, a chronic disorder or a disability cannot become an obstacle.

People with chronic disorders, pain and / or disability must experience being part of an inclusive society and a valuable community, where they can gain knowledge and contribute experiences that help everyone live the best possible life.

Patient in Focus offers you the possibility, 

to make one difference for you and others 

We do this through counseling and a strong patient community, where we can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions such as the chronically ill and disabled, as well as maintain a form of active involvement in society and thus strengthen the joy of life.

Did you know that we as patients can make a big difference to others chronically ill in many different ways? 

In the link below you can meet Charlotte, who has written an award-winning essay about taking control of your illness.  

Læs Charlotte Secher Jensen prisvinden essay – den findes både på dansk og engelsk. 

“Take control of our illness” 

We are patients and understand you!

We hope and believe that that together we are stronger and with common help, a chronic disorder or a disability cannot become an obstacle.

We help you find "red thread"despite illness and creates an active participation in the community. We all meet equally. We take up the more basic human strengths to increase patients' joy and value of life.

That is our goal, that no one should be left alone in life with a chronic illness, pain or disability.

 We form the framework for tackling the concerns and problems that come with chronic or long-term illness and disability.

We hope you enjoy joining as a member and make a difference for your self and other patients.


Lotte Heise is a well-known Danish author, lecturer, entertainer, actress and former photo model and works as a radio host on Danmarks Radio with classical music, which is her "refuge" for the pains of everyday life. "Unfortunately, this video is only available in Danish (yet)"

Lotte Heise has written the book "Put the pain on the shelf" with Morten Høgh. The book is based on Lotte Heise's experiences of a life with chronic back and gout pain and Morten Høgh's many years of experience as a recognized pain researcher. Many people's knowledge about pain is outdated, misunderstood and with prejudices, despite the fact that every fifth (5) Dane has chronic pain, and recognized by the WHO.

Lotte Heise has spent an entire day with Patient in Focus, so that the same can we focus on pain, chronic suffering and disability in patient involvement and knowledge. Lotte says: "That she thought it was so important for people to have an opportunity to not be who they are when they are is not good enough for themselves". Lotte's motto is painful fills a lot in her life, but they do not control her life. "Unfortunately, their book is only available in Danish at the moment."


We improves the conditions for patients via knowledge, tools and course. In order for patients to find the common thread to the good life, despite illness.  

In addition, we help others patients assisting with patient involvement, research etc. and thereby give the professionals the knowledge they lack. 

We offer you patient training, tools and knowledge sharing. Through counseling and a strong patient community, we can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions in which we patients living with a chronic illness or disability can maintain a form of active involvement in society and thereby enhance the joy of life.

We want to give all of us patients faith in ourselves and the future!

Vi er patienter der skaber et samfund, som understøtter at patienter tager ansvar og handlekraftig i egen situation.

We are the bridge between you as a patient and the professionals.

With us, you have the opportunity to make a big difference for both yourself and others.

In addition, we help other patients to assist with patient involvement, research etc. and thus the professionals provide the knowledge they lack.

Should one of them be you? Read below how to register.

As patients, we know that the patient's perspective and experience can make a big difference if it's just been incorporated into the project. 

Knowledge to improve quality of life despite disease. With knowledge about counseling, rights, clinical research, healthy attitudes and lifestyles, patient involvement and we the patient's responsibility in their own disease course.

Patient in Focus is started and run by Charlotte and Lisbeth, who are both chronically ill and help others through their own experiences.

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How can we best help patients (and relatives) so that the quality of life and the joy of life is as high as possible?

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