A memorial gift is a beautiful way to say goodbye.

A memorial gift is a charitable donation that goes well into the future. The memorial gift goes to chronically ill and disabled patients through patient education, assistance for self-help and opportunities for patient engagement.

Memorial gifts are most often given in connection with a funeral or funeral, but some also choose to give a memorial gift over and over again. It can, for example, be on the anniversary of the death, on the birthday or in connection with public holidays.

If you want a memorial gift to be given, you can make it known in the obituary in the newspaper.

You can e.g. write:

Hvis man ønsker, at der skal gives en mindegave, kan man gøre opmærksom på det i dødsannoncen i avisen. 

Man kan f.eks. skrive:

“Instead of flowers, please consider Patient in Focus by making a payment to:

Bank / 8117 / Account no. 0004869065 / SWIFT: NYKBDKKK / IBAN: DK2481170004869065,marked [deceased’s name]”

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