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Digital Matchmaking platform

Heart and kidney disease  Digital Matchmaking Platform:

Patient in Focus is seeking patients and caregivers for paid, online workshop and interview sponsored by Bayer.

Share your experiences and perspectives and help shape a digital platform for patients (and caregivers). The platform will give patients (and caregivers) a way to meet other patients (and caregivers) for conversation and support. A new kind of support buddy system that can benefit all patients (and caregivers).


Patients and caregivers will participate in an online workshop on Thursday, November 3, 2022. In addition, there may be some questions for you to answer on a different date before or after November 3rd.

Total time commitment is 3-6 hours.

The workshop itself will last 3 hours. 

The workshop will be conducted in English with German translational support.

You will be paid €50 per hour for your time and efforts.

Caregiver interviews

Caregivers will also be asked to participate in an online caregiver interview on the same topic.

The one-on-one interview will be conducted in German or English (whichever you prefer).  

The interviews will be conducted from now until early November 2022. 

Total time commitment: 1 hour

You will be paid €50 per hour for your time and efforts.

To qualify

  • You must be a patient who suffers from a heart and kidney disease or a caregiver (relative, nurse, patient organization representative etc.) to someone with a heart and kidney disease.

  • You must live in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria (or somewhere in Europe).

  • Both women and men can participate between 18-75.

  • You must have internet access. 

  • Speak some English

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