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Share your experiences with local healthcare systems where you receive / have received healthcare and treatment, and share your personal patient journey. The information will provide healthcare innovators and startups with valuable insights, that can lead to better and more effective healthcare solutions in the future. 

Patient In Focus has entered into agreements with several organizations to get more patients involved in patient involvement, because we believe that patients should be involved in the decision-making process when projects are targeted at us. As a patient, relative or caregiver, can you make a big difference for all of us who are patients.

Therefore, we can now offer tasks that we, as patients, can participate in based solely on our own experience as a patient. Now you have the opportunity to participate in patient involvement, research, studies and much much more …

We have negotiated the criteria, conditions and fee (if there is one), so all you have to do is be available

If you want to access the patient involvement jobs, then see below the many projects you can be a part of from Patient in Focus´ team and send us a email with your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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