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14.00  / year

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Support membership is for you who want to support our work in giving patients and relatives a voice – in the design of the health and social sector, in research and in the development of treatment and medicine. You can help us to ensure that patients’ unique knowledge, experiences and experiences are heard and put into play. This requires more than just knocking on the door.

We need your support to continue the work of giving patients the opportunity to help patients. Helping to share knowledge and experiences about managing life in the best possible way, despite chronic, physical or mental illness. Help through patient education, a mentor program, and opportunities to help shape the conditions that are important to life as a patient.


  • United States dollar
  • Euro
  • Danish krone


How can I pay for my ongoing membership?
The membership is paid for via our member shop, where payment cards can be used. Membership can be obtained by individuals (patients, relatives and patient representatives).

If you are within the EU and pays with PensoPay, you must follow your country’s security payment approval when payin.
If you are from the USA/Canada and pays with PensoPay, please be aware that security payment approval requires you to submit your mobile number in order to get an approval code for accepting your payment.

A member’s rights are personal and non-transferable or assignable. Membership rights terminate upon the death of a member or a person ceases to be a member.

Why is my application rejected?
Patient in Focus may, in its sole discretion, reject a person’s application to become a member without having to justify its decision. An applicant whose application for membership is rejected has the right to complain forbrugerklagenævnet against the refusal.

What is required of me as a member?
It takes nothing to be a member. You decide how active you want to be. Some participate in all activities, some participate occasionally, and others are members just to support Patient in Focus’ mission.

How old do I have to be to join?
Everyone can join Patient in Focus. Big and small – from elementary school students to retirees. We are disease neutral, so all diagnosis and disability are welcome.

How much is a support membership? 
A private membership costs 14 EURO per year. You pay for a calendar year. No matter when you start your membership for the year, you pay dues again the same month the following year. You can only become a private member by paying an annual membership.

Patient in Focus reserves the right to cancel or exclude a membership that in the opinion of the Board of Directors opposes or harms our members, association and / or mission.

Termination of membership
You can terminate your support membership at any time.

Who has access to my datainformation?
Your information is protected by the Personal Data Act. Ie. that only Patient in Focus has access to your information and that it cannot be passed on to others without your permission unless required by law.

Do you have any additional questions?
If you have any further questions about your membership, please feel free to contact Patient in Focus. Write to [email protected] or call +45 30 66 02 66.

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law, and any dispute is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.