Terms and conditions



Once you have chosen to become a member on our patient platform or made a purchase in our web shop, you will receive an order confirmation stating which items and how many of these items you have ordered and/or information about the type of membership you have signed up for. The order confirmation also includes the total, all inclusive.

Types of memberships

In principle, there is only (1) membership as defined in the association’s articles of association. That which separates a regular membership, and a support membership is: 
• The manner in which you pay (once a year) and
• The total annual amount (membership fee or membership fee + support contribution) Members and support members 
• Membership fee EUR 14 annually (adopted by the general assembly)
• Support membership incl. membership/fee is the membership feet as well as an annual support contribution.

Membership and contributions to Patient in Focus

There is no right of withdrawal when purchasing a membership or a contribution. Trading conditions for courses, education, workshops and other services. 


A membership to Patient in Focus entails, the membership price, as stated on the product page, is automatically deducted for each membership period. A receipt for the withdrawal is sent per. e-mail, and a receipt is sent with each withdrawal. Patient in Focus is thus basically a membership product and not a one-time purchase.


All content on the membership database as well as in Patient in Focus´ educational programs, courses, webinars and digital information is protected by copyright, and any kind of copying, quoting or passing on the content is illegal.

This means that the content may not be used in journalism, studies or in anonymized form. Patient in Focus has all the rights to the content of its education, webinars and courses.

Upon purchase, the right to either use products, e-books and other digital products or participate in educational programs, webinars and courses is obtained exclusively.

It is not permitted to copy, sell, gift to others, forward the content or otherwise pass on the material/product either privately or commercially. This applies to both the content of the material/products as well as education, webinars and courses.

If this provision is violated, Patient in Focus is entitled to a fine from the violator of DKK 120,000 per. violation. If the provision continues to be violated, a new conventional penalty will be calculated for each commenced month. Finally, Patient in Focus has the right to have the violation stopped by a bailiff’s injunction without security. 

It is of course permitted to forward newsletters, articles, etc. and other content from Patient in Focus that is available to the public.

The recommendations in Patient in Focus material, in our digital materials/products, educational programs, webinars and courses are intended as information only.

They cannot replace medical advice or treatment.

Patient in Focus shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or inconvenience caused by the use or misuse of this content.

Conditions for payment of educational programs, webinars and courses, etc.

Your registration for our educational programs, courses and webinars is valid once you have paid – this is done automatically upon your registration. When you register for educational programs, webinars and courses, you register for the entire course. The registration is considered a binding contract.

If you cancel your participation within 14 days before training/course start, Patient in Focus will charge an administration fee of 10% of the full course price plus VAT.

You cannot cancel your signup to courses, webinars or a place on education when there is less than 14 days until the first day of teaching. However, you can donate your spot to someone other than yourself, as the amount has already been paid. When there is 14 days or less until the start of the course, you can no longer get your money back. Payment is non-refundable even if you are physically prevented from attending.

Patient in Focus knows what it means to live with chronic illness and disability. We take this into account and provide a broader opportunity to be able to complete what you have signed up for, with our online teaching material.

Cancellation or changes in educational programs, courses, etc.

Educational programs, courses, etc. are conducted at the stated times. In case of changes, you will be informed at least 24 hours in advance. In the event that Patient in Focus must cancel an educational program or course, you will receive a refund for the full amount paid. If a single day of an educational program or a course is canceled, that canceled day will be rescheduled and held at a later date.


Any liability that a participant may incur in relation to educational programs and courses is limited to direct damage and loss. Patient in Focus can under no circumstances be held liable for indirect injury or loss. The disclaimer for indirect damages and losses applies regardless of the nature of liability and regardless of whether Patient in Focus has acted with simple negligence. Patient in Focus’ liability for direct damage and loss is limited to 50% of the price of the service to which the liability relates.


Parties to the Agreement
“The buyer” is used to refer to the physical person who trades mainly outside his profession and who, when placing an order with Patient in Focus, makes an offer to purchase and deliver certain goods.

“Patient in Focus” is used in the following both as the physical or the legal person who, upon order confirmation, accepts the buyer’s order and sells the ordered goods, and as the website from which goods are presented and ordered.

Product information

The essential properties of the products are stated on Patientinfocus.dk. For further information or questions, please contact Patient in Focus via email: info@patientinfocus.dk. The legislation’s mandatory rules on product liability for manufacturers apply correspondingly in relation to Patient in Focus.


The presentation of goods along with a price on Patient in Focus is not a binding offer, but merely an invitation to make an offer. The buyer’s order of goods from Patient in Focus does not constitute a binding acceptance, but rather a binding offer to Patient in Focus to purchase the goods within the stated terms.A binding agreement between the Buyer and Patient in Focus is only entered into when Patient in Focus, by sending an order confirmation accepts the offer submitted by the Buyer. 


In Patient in Focus’ web shop, you can pay using Mobilpay, Visa-Dankort, Debit card, Mastercard and international credit cards. At Patient in Focus´ members club you can pay using Visa-Dankort, Visa-card, Debit card, Mastercard, Mobilpay and international credit cards.

All prices for goods and freight include 25% VAT. All prices are daily prices and only valid on the day of ordering. Reservations are made for price changes. The amount for the item that you have ordered will only be deducted from your payment card when the item has been shipped from Patient in Focus.

This website uses Danske Bank, Nykredit Bank, PensoPay (payment provider) and web host provider IT raagiveren & IT adviser. Payment by card here is therefore secure and approved by Nets

Patient in Focus receives payment using VISA, VISA DANKORT, MASTERCARD and via MOBILEPAY. The account information you enter when purchasing goods is sent directly to PBS in encrypted form (SSL), which only you and PBS can read.

Patient in Focus encrypts all your credit card information using the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The entire web shop has a secure connection, so your information is protected.

Discount codes

The issued discount codes are personal and is only for your own use and may never be forwarded to third parties. Misuse of the discount codes will result in immediate termination of the membership and possibly entail legal action.


All orders are delivered using Post Nord and GLS. The items are shipped within 3-4 business days after Patient in Focus has received your order. Your item will typically be delivered 6-8 days after ordering, unless otherwise stated.

The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration

At the time when the ordered goods have come into the Buyer’s possession, the risk that the ordered goods will perish or be damaged due to accidental circumstances lies with the Buyer.


According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, Patient in Focus grants a 2-year right of complaint from the invoice date for manufacturing and material defects (faults). The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused as a result of incorrect use, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized interventions. The invoice must be presented to Patient in Focus in connection with making use of the complaint. Any complaint about defects in delivered products must, after the Buyer has or should have discovered the defect, be made to Patient in Focus within a reasonable time. Otherwise, the Buyer loses his/her right to call in to attention the deficiency. 

An exchange presupposes that the item is not sold out.

Please indicate and show wherein the defect lies and contact Patient in Focus using telephone number +45 30 66 73 77 and state the order number. You can also contact us via e-mail: info@patientinfocus.dk.  Right of complaint for services

If you are dissatisfied with services purchased from Patient in Focus, please contact info@patientinfocus.dk.

As a rule, you do not have a 2-year warranty for services. Therefore, please contact us immediately if you experience problems, with the right to have any deficiencies with the service rectified, which can be attributed to the nature of the service, unless it is your own circumstances, or other external circumstances, which we under Danish law cannot be held accountable for.

Disclaimer and warranty

Patient in Focus has made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites through links. These websites are beyond the control of Patient in Focus. We can therefore in no way be held responsible for the content of these websites. Information about the ordered goods from such websites are not included in the description of the ordered goods in the agreement made between the Buyer and Patient in Focus. Seller is not liable for direct or indirect losses as a result of the ordered goods arriving late to the Buyer, or if the ordered goods suffer from defects when the delay or defects are due to Buyer’s action or omission or circumstances beyond Patient in Focus´ control, e.g., war, riots, fire, state intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labor disputes of any kind, including strikes and lockouts, or similar. Patient in Focus does not provide an independent guarantee for the ordered goods, and the Buyer only obtains the guarantees that the manufacturer issues to the Buyer.

Right of withdrawal

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on all items from the day you receive them. If you wish to make use of your right of withdrawal, you must give us unequivocal notice in writing.

You can send us an e-mail at: info@patientinfocus.dk wherein you include the following information:

Item description:

Order date:

Date of receipt:

Order number:

Reason for withdrawal:



ZIP code.:



Telephone number:

The item must be shipped within 14 days. The item must be unused and placed in the original packaging and include a copy of the invoice. Please write clearly that you want to make use of the right of withdrawal, and that you therefore want to a refund of the price of the item or exchange.

When returning the item(s), please use Post Nord or GLS – not alternative package distributors. Items returned with no postage or on COD will be refused.

Do not break the seal on any audio or video recordings (movies, DVDs, CDs, etc.). If the seal is broken, you cannot make use of the right of withdrawal. When purchasing a taped/online webinar, the purchase cannot be undone.

You must pay for the return shipment yourself, and we recommend that the item is returned as a package. This replaces the value of the content if it should get lost.

The item must be returned to:

Patient in Focus

Rugvænget 28

8653 Them, Denmark

If you want the money back, you must provide your name and the following bank information:

Name of the bank

Registration number (4 digits)

Account number (10 digits)


You must return your order to us without delay and no later than 14 days after you have received the order and notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct costs of returning the item. Upon return, you are responsible for the item being packed properly, and you bear the risk of the item until the item is delivered to Patient in Focus.

Goods the do not fall under the right of withdrawal are goods that have been manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or have a clear personal touch.

The condition of the item when you return it

You are only liable for any deterioration in the value of the item, which is due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the item’s nature, properties and the way it works. In other words – you can try the item in the same way as if you tried it in a physical store. If the item has been tried in addition to what is described above, we consider it used. This means that upon cancellation of the purchase, you only get part or none of the purchase amount back, depending on the commercial value of the item.

To receive a refund for the full purchase amount, you may try the item, but not take it into actual use – just like as in a physical store.

Refund of the purchase amount

If you regret your purchase, you will be refunded the amount you paid. In the event of an decrease in value for which you are liable, this will be deducted the purchase amount. If you use your right of withdrawal, we will issue the refund through the same means of payment as you used at the time of purchase, if possible.

If you fail to pick up your package and it is returned to us as part of the cancellation, the amount you have paid to us will be refunded less DKK 50.00.

Cancellation of membership

You can cancel your membership at any time by writing us at info@patientinfocus.com

or by clicking the link “Stop membership or change card” which is in your latest invoice and then following the instructions.

In your first invoice, the link is called “See your order”. After cancellation, no further invoicing or deduction to your card will be made. You have access to the product for the period for which you have already paid. Invoices already issued are not refundable, either in full or in part.



Patient in Focus reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions applicable to this website. Reservations are made for printing errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes. It is therefore important that you keep up to date with changes.


Abuse of Patient in Focus will be reported to the police.

Opportunities for appeal

A complaint regarding a product purchased from Patient in Focus can be submitted to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via www.forbrug.dk. The European Commission’s online complaints portal can also be used to lodge a complaint. This is especially relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints are submitted on the complaint’s portal

When submitting a complaint, you must state our e-mail address: info@patientinfocus.com

Patient in Focus general terms of use

Patient in Focus acts is accordance with good data processing practice and current legislation, as well as cookie policy.

Thank you for your order and support. Feel free to share photos of your purchases on social media and tag @patientinfocus.

Yours sincerely

Patient in Focus

Rugvænget 28

8653 Them

Tel. +45 30 66 02 66


cvr: 39811693

PBS – Pengeinstitutternes Betalings Service
FDIH / Forbrugerrådet
Forbrugerstyrelsen – med karakterbog over onlinebutikker

Donations and sponsorships

Patient in Focus may receive donations from all legal organizations and of course abides by Danish legislation and international conventions. Patient in Focus’ ethical guidelines stipulate that Patient in Focus may receive unconditional donations from all legal organizations when collecting nationwide.

However, Patient in Focus cannot assume an authoritarian role in relation to assessing whether a specific organization is legal or not. Patient in Focus does not wish to receive donations from illegal organizations nor in any way to be associated with them.

If you have questions about your tax deduction, you are welcome to contact us by email; info@patientinfocus.com, mark: tax deduction. Membership fee, lottery tickets, purchase of goods etc. does not, however, give the right to a tax deduction.

Legal consultancy

Below you will find the terms and conditions that apply to Patient in Focus’ counselling.

Patient in Focus’ is operated on the basis of the Danish Legal Advice Act (Act no. 419 of 9 May 2006).

The advice is carried out in accordance with the Danish rules of good practice for legal advice and all inquiries are subject to a duty of complete confidentiality, unless otherwise requested.

Once you have decided to use Patient in Focus, you will receive an order confirmation from which the service ordered and the total price will be shown. When the document has been drawn up and approved, you will receive an invoice for the work carried out, which must be paid in accordance with the payment terms stated below.

Of course, Patient in Focus complies with the rules in the new data protection act. All correspondence containing personal information is sent through our secure mail system.

Our privacy policy can be found here.